Child with abdominal adhesions

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My name is JoAnn in IL & I have had 6 abdominal surgeries for adhesions & the ONLY thing that ever kept the adhesions away the most was DEEP THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE & I massage my whole abdominal area myself regular & it does help break them up but you have to massage deeply.  I ALSO go to my Chiroprator for 20 years & he does ULTRA SOUND on my abdominal area to slow down the growing process & it does help!  I had a hysterectomy abdominally at age 30yrs. old & my 2nd surgery abdominal was for adhesions & they have been massive each time.  I also got Breast Cancer in 2004 & now I have adhesions in my breast it will cramp & bring me to my knees the pain & I massage those adhesions myself regular also.  I am now 62yrs. old & still continue to have to do the massage & Ultra Sound to keep from going back to surgery but the most important thing to remember is to keep the Upper & Lower Bowels cleaned out always, very important!  Pain can be caused from the bowel being so clogged.  I take Herbal SUPER CLEANSER that keeps both the upper & lower bowel cleaned out that can cause pain all over because the adhesions won't let the bowel system work properly or takes so long to work through the adhesions.  Any questions you  can email me at   In a message dated 12/16/2010 11:17:54 P.M. Central Standard Time, writes: Sender: (michelle) Subject: Child with abdominal adhesions

Hi My daughter has had MULTIPLE surgeries.  For the past year she has had moderate to severe abdominal pain.  The doctors now believe that she has adhesion that are causing her pain. She has had so many surgeries and because of other issues surgery poses a greater risk.  So it makes me a bit more uncomfortable to have them done. A friend is a specialist in the alternative field.  He is well respected and believes he may be able to help possibly through massage.  There are other things he may try also.  Has anyone tried any of this? I read something about the Wurn technique helping adhestions. I am a bit skeptical about this stuff, however, I am open to other ideas. Any information would be great.

Thanks Michelle

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