MAJOR complications after Vaginal Hysterectomy

From: MoonBear (
Thu Dec 16 22:10:30 2010

I have had severe pelvic, bladder, bowel issues for the last couple of years. On 10/25/10, my Urologist did a cystoscopy and dialation for my urethra as it was 3/4 of way closed. On 11/3/10, I had a vaginal hysterectomy due to pain, excessive bleeding, and prolapsing uterus. My OBGYN said that it was the toughest surgery she has ever done, as my uterus was fused together with abdominal wall, bladder, and bowel. She said that separating my organs was like cutting wood with a butter knife. Since my surgery I continue to suffer from trauma ulcers from the retractor equipment, and increased pain in pelvis, bladder and any time I eat. I also have scarring on the outside of my vagina. I live on Hydrocodone(and continue to have pain at our a 7 daily WITH the pain meds). My pain and symptoms are increasing, and my OBGYN says there is nothing more she can do. She referred me to a Dermatologist. My Urologist was surprised that the his colleague(OBGYN) did not switch to an abdominal hysterectomy once she saw that my internal organs had fused together, especially considering my already existing bladder issues. The Urologist prefers to open me up to take a look at everything; however advises that I 'just wait and see how I heal' with everything I've been through. I am at my witts end, as I can not bear the pain anymore. I am at almost 6wks and my other symptoms are getting worse. My question is this.....Are there Doctors that specialize in treating the 'big picture' of all of the organs that are affected by adhesions and complications after organs are cut apart during a vaginal hysterectomy? I am very concerned about potential longterm damage from this surgery, especially since I am already dealing with outer vaginal scarring and remaining trauma ulcers surrounding my urethra, and who knows what else is going on inside my body. Any suggestions or referrals would be greatly appreciated.

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