Has anyone had surgery with Spraygel in the Cayman Island?

From: Eileen Rivera (satintigerpr@hotmail.com)
Thu Dec 2 19:40:01 2010

Hi forum and blessings to all adhesions sufferers. I was part of this forum for many years. I have had 15 surgeries due to abdominal adhesions. I live in Puerto Rico and there isn't a adhesion specialist here and for the last 3 years I have been holding on with this unbearable horrible pain and I don't want to have surgery here again because the only thing surgeons apply is the barrier which helped for 4 months, a gel which it also helped for about 3 months and adhesions quickly grows back again. I heard about a surgeon in The Cayman Island which is using Spraygel. Has anyone here in this forum have any info on this surgeon or has had surgery in The Cayman Island? Thanks!

Eileen Rivera

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