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Hi, Your not too far from Pa are you?  Dr Gerhart is in Wilksbarre Pa..He's real good at dealing with Adhesions..He's about oh 2 to 3 hrs from NYC...

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> Hi all,
> I am in desperate need for a doctor familiar with adhesions in my area. I
> live in Ocean Twp New Jersey. There isn't even a support group here. I am
at > my Witt's end. The doctors here don't know what to do with me. I have had
> many (6) abdominal surgeries, the first due to an ovarian cyst that
> ruptured. The doctors tell me that this is what started my problems with
> adhesions. They say that when you have an infection spread through your
> abdominal cavity that starts all the adhesions to form. Who really knows,
I > have seen a lot of different opinions on this. Anyway I am in terrible
pain > every day and need a doc who can help me out. Any suggestions would be
> helpful.
> Sincerely,
> Noreen Skinner
> NJ

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