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Hi Alta, I am sorry to hear all of what you have been through and now Cancer! You said you will be moving back to the Northwest. I live in Salem, Or. There's not much they can do for me here. I get my pain meds. When I get really bad, I go in for I.V. Therapy which is 1-2 bags of Saline, nausea meds, and Dilaudid for my pain. I had a procedure done at OHSU in Jan. of this year, and they  really messed me up! I have heard GREAT things about Seattle Dr's and isn't there a learning type Hospital there too? I hope that when you move back you get the help you need and deserve :) If you find a Dr. there that can do something for adhesion sufferers, let me know please. You take care of yourself, good luck with the move back. I pray that it will all go well for you. Cheryl P.S. Good advice about Dr's. They work for us, and are not Gods!   > Date: Sat, 16 Oct 2010 23:44:32 -0500
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> Subject: Whats been going on
> Hi All,
> It's been a very long time since I have posted on the site. I have been
> through a year long journey trying to find the treatment for myself
> because we moved.
> I have been dealing with adhesion for 12 years. That was the first time
> a doctor said that word. He figured I had been suffering from
> endometriosis/adhesions for far longer than that. Previously treatment
> had been pretty easy to come by. I never had to much trouble finding a
> doctor to help with the pain, do an ultrasound or other test. When we
> moved to Texas 4 years ago I had an little harder time but was able to
> work my way through it. I had two surgeries down there and after the
> last it was recommended that I only have surgery if my life was in
> jeprody. Nine months before we moved I was in the most ideal situation
> I could be in. I had great doctors, including a Pain Management doctor
> and a Physical Therpapist that practiced myofacial release. I wasn't
> back to 100% but I felt good. If you have never had myofacial release
> done I highly recommend it.
> I have to say that I had a Pain Management doctor who put me through
> nerve blocks, spinal injections and a trial for a spinal cord
> stimulator. All of these did not work. Two different times I ended up
> in the hospital because a nerve block aggravated nerve so badly I could
> not handle the pain. Each time I was in the hospital for 4 days. Even
> after this, the 2nd time, he wanted to try again. My husband tried
> referred to him as Dr. Frankenstein. The same doctor threw a fit when
> I would not have the spinal cord simulator permenatly implanted. It
> didn't work for me in the trial. This was after spending two, 8 hour
> days with company representatives to try to dial in the right frequency
> to help me with my pain. After refusing I was told by a nurse that I
> was being non compliant. I was told they would give me suboxone to
> taper down but I was no longer their patient. I went to my medical
> doctor who said that I shouldn't fill the suboxone. The insurance
> companies look at you like a drug addict and it will stick with you, not
> in a good way. He wrote me a script for my meds and we found a new PM.
> I moved to Wichita to be with my husband after a 18 month seperation
> because of work. I thought I could assemble my "Team" pretty easily.
> WRONG! The laws are different here. (We only recently found this out,
> afte a year). Most doctors here cannot write a script for more than
> Hydrocodone. Pain Management doctors, that don't deal with injections,
> are few and they don't take many new patients. Physical Therapist don't
> know or do myofacial release therapy. My last physical therapist only
> worked on my back because she felt that my nerves were associated to my
> adhesions. I have a great family doctor who does her best to take care
> of me and doesn't treat me like I'm a nut. The biggest thing I learned
> is that if you move you need to check out state laws. Not all states
> are the same.
> We will be moving back to the Seattle-Tacoma area soon. This is my home
> town. I am so relieved. The medical community is top notch. Also,
> alternative health practices top notch. I feel that even though my
> adhesions extreme, I will find the right people to treat me.
> Like someone said, you need to keep moving forward. If you don't feel
> good about what a doctor says, find another. Tell people you suffer
> from adhesions. When I started doing this, I started to find that
> someone had a friend or family member who suffers. They also were able
> to give me names of doctors. You always have to remember that the
> doctors work for you, you pay them. Doctors are not gods. You need to
> take your health in your own hands.
> I was recently admitted to the hospital because of pain. They found a
> partial blockage so they wanted to keep me to see how that went. During
> this time, and since I wasn't eating, they decided to do a colonoscopy.
> They found that I have cancerous polyps, that were removed. I met with
> a oncologist who recommended chemo/radiation. He also thought that they
> should take the sections out. I said no to all. After we move I will
> have another colonoscopy to see whats happening and have treatment
> there.
> Everyone take care of yourself. Even when it hurts, move around. Watch
> your diet and drink lots of fluids.
> Alta

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