Re: Headed to Florida

From: Smurfette (
Wed Sep 29 01:00:44 2010

Did you go to Dr. Redan? May I ask the outcome? I am in the beginning stages of setting up an appointment with Dr. Redan and Dr. McCaris in Florida. I live in Dallas, TX and I have severe ARD/CAPPS and want to put an end to my pain. Could you please write to me? Or, anyone, please write to me that has visited and been treated by Dr. Redan... Here is my eMail: I sincerely appreciate your feedback.

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>Juli Ochs
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>Subject: Headed to Florida
>Well, I'm off to Florida from Minnesota to see Dr Redan.
>I got in the study, please pray that I am one of the lucky ones that gets
>the Spray Shield and life can get back to one without horrible pain.
>See ya soon!

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