Adhesions w/ extreme pain

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It is not in your mind that's a fact! i am finally getting extra help when my episodes are so debilitating like yours. I writhe in pain, take my meds, use heating pad, etc. and nothing helps. Agfter about 2 hours of straight sobbing, in sever chronic pain, I either go to the E.R. or go to a place called SHAPES. It's where people go for IV therapy, like Cancer treatments, antibiotic therapy etc. They give me 1-2 bags of Saline for dehydration as we all know when it's bad we don't eat. I am also given nausea meds on top of what I take Phenegren, then I am ussually given Dilaudid. Dilauded helps me relax, eases the pain a bit. I may still be in a lot of pain, but after IV Therapy I can deal better. Worth a try at least. I also agree with you that we are so blessed that this site is available to be able to vent, get advice, aand just talk with others that understand our pain. Good Luck! Cheryl   > Date: Sat, 11 Sep 2010 18:57:08 -0500
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> Subject: Adhesions w/ extreme pain
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> I understand completely. I also have alot of pain. After ovary removal
> last year I now only have pain when I move wrong, lift my baby wrong,
> excercise, or sneeze. I try very hard not to hurt myslef. I have had
> five Dr.'s and about twenty ER Dr.'s not understand or believe the
> pain I was in, however they always tried to give me pills. Every
> single Dr i have ever seen has actually pushed pain pills on me, I
> have a mother who is a pill addict. So I have always refused to take
> them. Finally I found an amazing ob named Dr. Nelson. He believed how
> much pain I was in when he offered me medications and I started crying
> and told him no I hate medicine I want you to help me. He did and was
> the first and only Dr to ever care. I wonder if the same approach
> would work for you. My best advice is get a different Dr. find one
> that believes you! Good luck! and keep your faith and stay strong.
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> > I'm so glad at least that it's not in mind, like everyone around me keep
> > telling me. 10 years now, I've had a complete hysterectomy with a
> > torsion removal(one of my ovaries actually died and sent me into septic
> > poisioning). I've been through pain doctor after pain doctor and the
> > give me the bare minmum and then make me feel like a drug addict..becuz
> > they don't work!! It's humilating and demoralizing. Now they say, oh
> > yes it's adhesions, but there's nothing left to do, live with it!! I
> > CAN'T!! Some days even moving is so painful...I crawl to the bathroom!!
> > Some days the pain is so bad that even all the heating pads and
> > medication still does NOTHING!! I am at my wits ends, like I've read
> > from many of you!! I'm gonna please with my doctors!! I even have to
> > plead with my husband to understand, he try's, but still just doesn't
> > get it!! As with most of you I don't eat, but can't lose wait either cuz
> > it's to painful to exersize!! Has anyone had any help from this pain, or
> > gone about it in a way so others WILL believe that they are really in
> > pain!! Anyone who wants to talk to me or has any ideas, please feel free
> > to e-mail me Thanks for who ever made this
> > webpage!! At least now I know I'm not alone!!!!!!!
> >

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