Re: Nucynta

From: Debbie (
Sat Sep 4 19:57:04 2010

Nucynta has alot of side effects. You can go on the internet and type in Nucynta side effects and you can read about the horror stories.

At Fri, 23 Jul 2010, Ms Lee wrote: >
>>Has anyone tried Nucynta for pain? Just wanted to know what you thought
>>of it- good/bad.
>My Brother took them for 3 days and had terrible side effects. He had
>diarrhea and bad "jitters". It has the benefit of narcotic but does not
>attach to "mu" receptor so there is NO euphoria or "high" feeling.
>Hence, no street desire or abuse value.
>He got so sick off these pills, and they put him back on hyrdrocodone
>10mgs [has back disc problems]. The jitters and feeling over caffinated
>was scary too him. He is a hair stylist and he could not function. It
>took 2 days after stopping to get past the side effects.
>His other complaint was the COST--Get a coupon from your Dr. They were
>couple of hundred dollars per script.
>My Docs have me on oxycodone 5 mg plain pills with NO tylenol in them.
>This way if I obstruct [causes vomiting], the meds can go up the rectum
>[6 pills]. I have never had to do this but if I need to I have
>something to combat the pain.

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