Re: has anyone gone to Cleveland Clinic for adhesion surgery?

From: Debbie (
Sat Sep 4 19:56:47 2010

I would not go to the cleveland clinic. I went twice for abdominal problems and came out of there worse. They almost killed me. 1- they gave me a morphine overdose and the 2nd time they did surgery they left things in me At Sat, 31 Jul 2010, pel wrote: >
>I just went to Cleveland Clinic to see a gyno about why I can't sit,
>walk or band without burning pain after having a cystocele and rectocele
>repair. She said my number one option was for her to go in
>laparascopically and look at the ligaments that were tied together
>during surgery to support my bladder and then go in vaginally and
>release scar tissue. I'm afraid of this because of the 4 gynos I've
>seen in Western NY, 2 said they didn't find scar tissue at all and the
>other 2 were hesitant to do surgery because it may make me worse. The
>gyno a Cleveland said certainly if she felt it could make me worse then
>she wouldn't do the surgery. I'm severly limited in my life now, yet
>I'm afraid to have the surgery because of what these other gyno's have
>said and what I've read on the internet. One minute I feel confident
>that I have finally found a doctor who knows what they are talking about
>and then the next minute I'm scared to have the surgery. Any
>reassurances or comments from anyone who has had adhesion surgery after
>cystocele repair would be greatly appreciated.

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