Intestinal Soreness

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yes i have the same problem. i hurt so bad i dont know what to do. i just came from the emerg. room and that is just what they did. my test where negative and they sent me home. i dont know what we are going to do     teresa

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Has any one ever experienced this? For the last several days I have been having extreme soreness to my intestines.Yes,I said intestines!The soreness is so extreme that it hurts to walk so all I have been able to do is lie down propped up with pillows.The pain meds aren't working,it's as if my intestines have been bruised.I haven't contacted my medical physician because I know he is going to say he has never heard of this symptom before & that I am an enigma.I don't want to go to the ER because I am uninsured & every test result will come back normal & then I will be discharged home once again without any help.

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