has anyone gone to Cleveland Clinic for adhesion surgery?

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I've had extensive repairs from a sudden prolapse of EVERY part possible: 4 bladder surgeries, repairs of rectocele, cystoceles, urethrocele, enteroceles, experimental treatmt, cadaver fascia...I started locally(Northern IN),  and was quickly referred to an Indianapolis urogynacology practice with the ability to repair a lot, but I had adhesion/pain issues from the start.  After 4yrs of "torture"--granted some helpful, others not so much-- a local friend who's also an OBGYN, told me about Dr. Zimmerman at Vanderbilt Univ Med Center.  My friend, Dr. Houser, went to a conference and met/learned from Dr. Zimmerman, the whole time he kept thinking how I might benefit. Dr. Z's specialty is to "repairer of repairs" and he ONLY will take your case if you have had previous repairs and complications from them.  He understands the many antiquated methods used many places and how to assist women in finding some relief. He sits with you and talks in depth before you ever get into a gown, and to understand what your issues are before he looks/checks things physically.  I was amazed to be asked my opinion of how it felt, where it pulled too much...and not to be ridiculed. I've been content to fix what we can, improve what we can, and try to live with the rest with fentynal pain patch, narcotic pills for sporadic breakthru pain, muscle relaxer, and stuff I don't need to detail here. I still cannot sit on a bike/horse and the like, but I can slowly climb stairs again, drive, sit on unpadded pew/chair for 30 min...so I am joyful in what I have regained to make life tolerable as a young mom. There is a fine line between helping and hurting with interventions.  For me, it was important to have a true partner in my health care who valued my knowledge about my body's daily life struggles.  Dr.Z's goal to improve the worst areas and, for me, awaiting newer techniques/tools 3 more years was valuable too since we did not want to cross that "help/hurt" boundary.

I'm near enough to have experience with Cleveland, Chicago, Mayo clinics, but in 13 years of prolapse and repair issues, Dr. Zimmerman is my "GO TO" guy.  You will feel heard and will not be a nameless/faceless body for research, as I have felt in the past.  His record is excellent, but his practice is small due to trying to teach the next generation of docs his methods.  It sounds like your complexities might be his area of expertise. I hope you find your path to improve your quality of life. Peace. Julie

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Subject: has anyone gone to Cleveland Clinic for adhesion surgery?
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Subject: has anyone gone to Cleveland Clinic for adhesion surgery?

I just went to Cleveland Clinic to see a gyno about why I can't sit, walk or band without burning pain after having a cystocele and rectocele repair.  She said my number one option was for her to go in laparascopically and look at the ligaments that were tied together during surgery to support my bladder and then go in vaginally and release scar tissue.  I'm afraid of this because of the 4 gynos I've seen in Western NY, 2 said they didn't find scar tissue at all and the other 2 were hesitant to do surgery because it may make me worse.  The gyno a Cleveland said certainly if she felt it could make me worse then she wouldn't do the surgery.  I'm severly limited in my life now, yet I'm afraid to have the surgery because of what these other gyno's have said and what I've read on the internet.  One minute I feel confident that I have finally found a doctor who knows what they are talking about and then the next minute I'm scared to have the surgery.  Any reassurances or comments from anyone who has had adhesion surgery after cystocele repair would be greatly appreciated.

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