Re: Intestinal Soreness

Sat Aug 28 23:33:45 2010

At Sat, 31 Jul 2010, angela wrote: >
>Has any one ever experienced this? For the last several days I have been
>having extreme soreness to my intestines.Yes,I said intestines!The
>soreness is so extreme that it hurts to walk so all I have been able to
>do is lie down propped up with pillows.The pain meds aren't working,it's
>as if my intestines have been bruised.I haven't contacted my medical
>physician because I know he is going to say he has never heard of this
>symptom before & that I am an enigma.I don't want to go to the ER
>because I am uninsured & every test result will come back normal & then
>I will be discharged home once again without any help.

Yes. I have had intestinal soreness everyday since my first laparoscopy. I have forgotten what it feels like to not have it. Most people do not even realize they have intestines which is normal. Feeling every movement inside your abdomen is not. Adhesions cause horrific intestinal pain. It consumes my day.

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