Post cholecystectomy adhesions

From: David (
Sat Aug 28 23:34:06 2010

Here I am again after 16 years. Had my gallbladder out that long ago and of course had all of the usual tests....ALL OF THE TESTS. Nothing. After a series of many doctors and specialists all of whom thought I was nuts my new doctor who I have a great deal of confidence in said that it sounded like an adhesional problem and just let them go. I times. Except these times.

I can go for months, weeks or days without what I call a flair up. When I do get these attacks or flair ups they could be mild and last a day or so or they could really be severe ( like they are now ) and last weeks. What's the sense of more tests; I've had ebough CT scans to probably give me cancer anyway.

I feel healthy. I am healthy. I run ultra marathons, box, engage in mixed martial arts, have no loss of appetite or energy. No weight loss. Nothing just this rotten, pulling, tugging, burning pain right where the gallbladder use to be. It especially gets really bad after a bowel movement. Sopuind familiar anyone ?

And yes as usual, they will go away. They always have. I'd just like to know if any unfortunate person out there experiances the same symptoms, the same type of flair ups as I have. It's times like this when they get bad is when I search for a little reasurrance.

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