Re: which way to turn?

From: Amber (
Sat Aug 28 23:25:25 2010

Hello everyone,

I have been reading messages and finally feel like there are people who know what I've been dealing with. There are so many of you who I feel have suffered even a lot more than me and I feel for you.

I found out last summer that what my condition is are actually visceral adhesions that have 'tied' up my innards that make it excruciatingly painful for me when I move or stretch. I want to share something that has helped.

I have visceral adhesions which have attached to the front and back of my abdominal walls, all over the folds of my uterus, my liver and intestines, and my ovaries. I've seen MANY doctors over the past 7 years, and they either say my tests come back normal, that I am imagining the pain, or that I need exploratory surgery to discover what the trouble is. My condition has inspired my twin sister to seek out continuing medical education classes from doctors at the Ursa Foundation in Sacramento, CA.

My sister has several degrees in the health field, and she studies with teachers at the Ursa Foundation who teach osteopathic methods no longer taught in medical schools. They are able to treat all kinds of adhesions and resultant issues without surgery, using unintrusive methods. 'Students' who come there are actually certified doctors of many specialties around the country, but they can all treat these and alleviate syptoms - bloating, pain, postural and structural problems, etc. It's slightly uncomfortable but not painful! My progress has been fast and dramatic - not as immediate as I'd like, but I am feeling so much better that sometimes I just sit and cry out of gratitiude for some real progress.

Lino Cedros, Senior Faculty of the Ursa Foundation says that surgeries create more of these adhesions, and while following his treatment (directly from him in Sacramento and locally through treatments from my sister), I am experiencing remarkable relief with almost all of the issues I've been having. Before another surgery, please please try this out! I'll keep updating on my progress, and would love to hear how others are coping as well.


At Fri, 23 Jul 2010, Izzy wrote: > >I was reading the message about how long is too long. I am confused. My >new doctor (another of the many) told me last week that she would not >even consider doing another surgery and I was crazy if I let anyone else >do it either. Of course the problem is caused by the solution but >please...what is a person to do? > >If you are damned if you do and damned if you don't then is it just a >flip of a coin? > >I am on high doses of medication just to get through the day. Of course >the medication takes away your life because all I do is sleep and wish >my brain would start working again, Of course I would love nothing more >than to be rid of them, but the only way would be another surgery. I am >trying to balance that need with the horrible things that can occur with >yet another surgery. If the adhesions are wrapped around your bowels >and anything nicks them during surgery.... I guess I would rather deal >with the devil I already know. > >What have you done with this delima? Does anyone have any advise about >which direction to turn (okay, I know we can't turn since it just rips >more scar tissue and causes more > >Thanks for just being there.

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