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From: angela (
Sat Aug 28 23:24:19 2010

I too have a sedentary job for the most part.My Pain Management Specialist also documented poorly contradicting himself continuously.I have now burning, razor like pain during defecating that totally wipes me out afterwards.I probally will have to appeal if denied again. At Sat, 31 Jul 2010, Dawn wrote: >
>Angela, I am soooo sorry! I know what it is like to have to try and defend
>yourself, and you are right again that most fo not understand, even
doctors. >My lawyer doesn't understand either and I'm scared to death as my ssdi
>hearing is next month. I am praying that you get it, but if not, keep on
>trying! Do not let them win. I don't know what type of work u did before,
>but I'm kind of screwed as my job was sedentary and the lawyer thinks this
>is gonna hurt my case since now I'm saying I can't even due sedentary jobs
>due to the pain, etc. But the other bad thing is the pain clinics
>documentation is sooooo poor! I was pissed to read the records and find
that >over half of the problems I reported were not documented! So, then what to
>do? I go next month for another surgery due to ovarian remnants and the doc
>says the pain will not improve and may get worse. So, is this gonna help my
>case or hurt it, I don't know, but u know how it goes, the surgery is risky
> and I am scared to death!!!
>But, anyhow, keep on trying to educate the idiots, and could u get your doc
>that mainly treats u to do a letter explaining in detail what thx problems
>are? From what I know, even if u don't get awarded benefits you can appeal
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>From: (angela)
>Subject: Disability
>Went this morning to hearing before Administrative Law Judge with
>Medical Examiner.The Medical Examiner was an Internist who I truly
>believe is uneducated about adhesions.The Medical Examiner focused on my
>back pain & barely talked about the real issue which is adhesions.My
>attorney was there but he was doing a lousey job defending me so I had
>to take matters in my own hands and spoke to the Judge directly
>explaining what adhesions are & the complications they cause.The Medical
>Examiner tried to dismiss the multiple hospital admissions for partial
>obstructions stating all the Physicians did in the hospital was to give
>me IV hydration and NPO.Not once did he mention the severity of the pain
>the adhesions caused.I explained to the judge how my Potssium & B-12
>were severely low & the Medical Examiner's response was that I was not
>under weight & he can't believe I am in the amount of pain I say I
>am,basically calling me a liar!I made it clear to the Judge that the
>pain I say I have is real & that I was in pain as I spoke.I educated the
>Judge & the Medical Examiner on adhesions & the debilitating
>complications they cause.
>I am soooooooooooo frustrated, hurt & down right pissed off that medical
>professionals have no clue about this condition and making light of the
>pain we all our suffering from.What will it take for those in medical
>professions to become aware of adhesions?I don't know what the outcome
>of today's hearing will be. I have documented evidence from every
>Physician who has treated me of the severity of the adhesions within my
>abdomen,the diarrhe,pain,fatigue,25 hospital admissions with 18 surgical
>procedures.What else is needed to be approved for SSD?I am uninsured
>because healthcare premiums are too expensive. I am in medical debt &
>scared every day that I may have to go to the ER for care.My hands are
>thrown up in the air I don't know what else to do!!!! I don't qualify
>for medicaid & I need to have surgery.I want to live & not die!!!

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