has anyone gone to Cleveland Clinic for adhesion surgery?

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Sat Aug 28 23:25:55 2010

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I had a wonderful experience at the Cleveland Clinic. However, it was to fix what a gyno did to remove severe adhesions. The gyno actually cut my colon in half, and I ended up very, very near death. Long story short, After consulting experts from the Mayo clinic, NO SURGERY. Cleveland Clinic has an actual pain clinic there, that is extremely effective. Did u ask the Gyno about it? There are so many things they can do, and if u develop adhesions that are making u feel the way you explain, I dont even see how they can go in by lapro. I've been there. I suggest u ask them to refer u to the pain clinc before u decide on surgery. I hope I helped you in some way.   best wishes Michele

On Sat, Jul 31, 2010 at 10:22 PM, IAS Admin (Tracy) <tracy.joslin@adhesions.org> wrote: Sender: anotherpage@roadrunner.com (pel) Subject: has anyone gone to Cleveland Clinic for adhesion surgery?

I just went to Cleveland Clinic to see a gyno about why I can't sit, walk or band without burning pain after having a cystocele and rectocele repair.  She said my number one option was for her to go in laparascopically and look at the ligaments that were tied together during surgery to support my bladder and then go in vaginally and release scar tissue.  I'm afraid of this because of the 4 gynos I've seen in Western NY, 2 said they didn't find scar tissue at all and the other 2 were hesitant to do surgery because it may make me worse.  The gyno a Cleveland said certainly if she felt it could make me worse then she wouldn't do the surgery.  I'm severly limited in my life now, yet I'm afraid to have the surgery because of what these other gyno's have said and what I've read on the internet.  One minute I feel confident that I have finally found a doctor who knows what they are talking about and then the next minute I'm scared to have the surgery.  Any reassurances or comments from anyone who has had adhesion surgery after cystocele repair would be greatly appreciated.

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