Re: Disability Benefits - wrong disorder written but same check in

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Sat Aug 28 23:23:58 2010

I could not get disability for the adhesions and the resulting limitations and pain. though I am indeed now ON disability.

They kept putting in my medical records that I had 'psychiatric problems'.. that I was having panic attacks and that's why I can't breath.

well you know what? the doctors keep giving us different diagnoses like these and think we are just head cases so I finally decided to use their inactivity and lack of belief to my benefit.

I am now receiving disability and have for 6 or 7 years now. says I receive it due to psychiatric issues. fine whatever. I know what the real problem is even if they don't.. and "I" know why I have difficulty working or even getting out of bed. the stated reason may be inaccurate, but the being disabled part is not.

maybe all the lousy doctors we have all seen and all the mis-diagnoses we've

all received over the years can have their own benefits indeed.

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> Sender: (Kimberly) > Subject: Re: Disability > > At Fri, 23 Jul 2010, angela wrote: >> >>Went this morning to hearing before Administrative Law Judge with >>Medical Examiner.The Medical Examiner was an Internist who I truly >>believe is uneducated about adhesions.The Medical Examiner focused on my >>back pain & barely talked about the real issue which is adhesions.My >>attorney was there but he was doing a lousey job defending me so I had >>to take matters in my own hands and spoke to the Judge directly >>explaining what adhesions are & the complications they cause.The Medical >>Examiner tried to dismiss the multiple hospital admissions for partial >>obstructions stating all the Physicians did in the hospital was to give >>me IV hydration and NPO.Not once did he mention the severity of the pain >>the adhesions caused.I explained to the judge how my Potssium & B-12 >>were severely low & the Medical Examiner's response was that I was not >>under weight & he can't believe I am in the amount of pain I say I >>am,basically calling me a liar!I made it clear to the Judge that the >>pain I say I have is real & that I was in pain as I spoke.I educated the >>Judge & the Medical Examiner on adhesions & the debilitating >>complications they cause. > > Angela > I totally feel your pain. My children were almost taken from me this > year by social services because I was in the ER so much and accused of > being a drug addict. I was fortunate because the judge read a typed > outline of the hell I have lived the past two years (since an > unnecessary laparoscopy) and also a decription of adhesions that my > husband wrote up. The judge shamed social services for bringing a sick > mother into his court and said that it should have never even come to > his court room because he didn't know how I live a day, an hour , a > minute or a second in this kind of pain and dismissed the case. It cost > me $9000 for a lawyer though as a back up so I didn't lose my children > because no one unless they live it or live with someone with it could > imagine what this feels like. It is a deep dark hole of despair. I > almost feel like someone who is paralyzed my brain wants to go and my > body just can't and pain killers rarely do anything. If you would like > I can email you the outline we brought of my hospitalizations and the > description of adhesions so you can give them to you lawyer. Maybe it > would help you. I don't know. I think doctors know this is seriously > painful but hey they are lining their pockets with money at your expense > so what do they care?! My email is >

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