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Sat Aug 28 22:39:34 2010

I had surgery in Jan for adhesions and the same thing happened to me. My legs went numb for like five or six days. They were not sure why it was happing. I think they hit a nerve.

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Hi there, I have a crazy question for everyone. I had the weirdest thing happen to me. I had surgery with dr redan and had spray sheild. I started to have some pain in the stomach again, but last week the weirdest thing, my right leg went completely numb. I went to the er and they ran all sorts of tests and found nothing. they kept me for 3 days in the hospital. needless to say it was like that for like 5 days. I started to feel better and now I started with back pain. I am wondering if anyone ever had adhesions in there back. i am thinking something somewhere is pushing on a nerve. I dont even know if this possible but i had enough of this multiple symtom thing and noone has any answers. your feedback is greatly appreciated! :) Keep smiling!

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I am right there with u! I am on my third appeal now. I was so upset today and she had the nerve to state was I acting like things are getting worse because I have applied for disability! I was so stunned and upset I didn't know what to say!!!!

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I've had an Attorney from the beginning and I've been denied like 6 times now. The Attorney filed a new claim and that was denied. I've been trying for about 4 years now. I lost my job December of 2008, I'm lucky that my Employer had Long Term Disability insurance but it's not enough to pay the bills and I make too much to get any assistance from the County or the State of MN. I wish whoever makes the decisions on disability could feel the pain we go through and the lack of having a life. I would rather be dead than just merely exist. Wendy

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