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Mon Jun 21 23:35:59 2010

I agree with Cindy's response. You need to find a pain management physician who treats abdominal and pelvic pain. You will get injections. Some help more than others but eventually don't work. I've RFA (Radio Frequency Ablation) that does seem to help the pain. But tonight and for the last few weeks I've had a very painful partial block come and go (more come than go) and nothing is doing much. Even my pain meds only give me partial and short lived relief. I go in again Monday morning. Maybe she can pull a rabbit out of her hat! Anyway, call around and find one who does pain maintenance. They exist. If you do find one, you'll probably sign a contract with them. Be very careful to stick to the terms of your contract. They'll boot you out in a minute if you violate it. Anyway, find a doctor. They do exist!! Sara

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>Are you seeing a pain management doctor?  What about switching to someone
>who will listen and take your pain seriously?

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>I found one specialist who deals with adhesions and they told me on the
>phone they use injections in the belly but do not prescribe long term
>narcotics.  I am beyond frustrated.  I don't want to live on pain
>killers but without them I can't even cope with the day and my primary
>care doctor gives me very little and I basically have to fight her to
>even get them.  I always run out before they are due again and even with
>them I have many days that I can't get out of bed.  Has anyone ever had
>stomach injections for pain? How do you get pain killers? I can't
>understand how some people on here are on pumps for pain and I can't get
>a few pills just to manage a semi normal life.

Sara in Denton.

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