Is this a taboo subject

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Dawn,   Before having another surgery, you may want to consider requesting an appointment with Dr. Jay Redan, Celebration, FL.   After suffering for 12 years, Dr. Redan gave my life back to me, and for that, I will be eternally grateful. I'm no longer confined to a bed and am in the process of weaning off of methadone and oxycodone.   Dawn, I know what your going through. You may live in CA or another state on the West Coast and think Celebration, FL is too far to travel. If you're fortunate enough to get an appointment, you won't regret the trip to FL.   Dr. Redan has been a surgeon for 20 years and performed more than 4000 laparoscopic adhesiolysis operations. Dawn, there are no guarantees Dr. Redan will resolve your problem but you'll have the peace of mind you had a consultation with one of the best surgeons in the US.   Cordially   Torresdale

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Yes, I have extreme difficulty due to pain. Most of the time , even if the pain is controlled somewhat then there is no feeling and orgasm is a thing of the past! I miss the bond and intimacy with my husband so much. It frustrates me , makes me mad, upset, just a load of emotions that I find it hard to deal with anymore. This disease has basically taken away my life. I am probably going to have surgery again as I have had ovarian remnants to return and they can't be left in the abdomen. This one is probably one of the scariest as a bowel resection is going to have to happen. Sex is definitely out of the question then for quite some time. I feel so bad for my husband even though he is very supportive and says he'd go the rest of our lives without sex if he has too. That makes me feel so guilty! I'm so blessed to have a supportive family, but boy do I feel so guilty.

from dawn

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How is your sex life? I have had more operations in the last 5 years then sex! Nobody touches this subject. Adhesions binds up your pelvic area and makes this very painful and diffcult. Does anyone else have this problem?

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