Re: left ovary adhered to intestine

From: Sara (
Wed Jun 2 21:59:07 2010

Hi Nolagirl: I'm sorry you're hurting but glad that you're getting the surgery. Don't get too concerned about the surgery. Sometimes a surgeon will nick a bowel but that's certainly not the norm. If you're otherwise healthy, there shouldn't be a problem.

About your symptoms, in a word, yes. The only one I'm not sure of is the hot flashes. That may be hormone related. I don't know but would recommend you ask a doctor if they continue.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions. I've had a bunch of surgeries and no nicked intestines. Good luck and I hope you can stay calm and relatively pain free until your surgery.


At Fri, 28 May 2010, nolagirl wrote: > >For the past few months I have had terrible pain in my left lower >abdomen. I was told I have a cyst on my right ovary & my left ovary is >adhered to my intestine. I had a trans vag US & when pressed my left >side did not move. I am scheduled for surgery in the next 2 weeks and I >am very nervous about anything includung the intestines. My father went >in to have his appendix removed, they nicked his intestine, & he ended >up with a colostomy bag for 6 months. My Dr. doesn't seem to be too >concerned with my symptoms, but I am about to die because I don't know >if everything is related to the adhesions. I am nauseous, weak, feel >very full, bloated, constant aching in my left lower abdomen to cramping >& stabbing pains. Sometimes I can't decide if I am going to pass out or >vomit, and I am having RIDICULOUS hot flashes!! I am only 35 & last time >I had hot flashes was when I was pregnant (which I am not) Of course I >have pain with sex & bowel movements, but is everything else related to >the adhesions?

Sara in Denton.

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