Re: Painful intercourse

Fri Jan 22 13:37:49 2010


Sarah Wampler recently recommended Dr.Jay Redan, Celebration FL. His web site is and his nurse coordinator can be contacted at Phone 407-303-4602.

Brenda, I've been bedridden with abdominal adhesions for nine of the past 12 years. I am so very thankful the Lord allowed Sarah to send me an email that details her personal battle with pain caused by adhesions. I thought all of my adhesions would be solved when my wife and I traveled to Germany for a minimally invasive laproscopic operation. I thought I performed the due diligence necessary by contacting four Americans provided by the Doctor as references who gave me a glowing testimonial to the Doctor that operated on them over the past year. Unfortunately, I didn't realize adhesions will return within 12 to 18 months after surgery unless one has been fortunate enough to have met Dr. Redan.

I called the original references and each person is presently in more pain than prior to their surgery and have lost all hope their adhesions can be lysed. Unfortunately, some of the referrals went back to Germany for a second operation and are in acute and chronic pain at this time.

Sarah's testimonial was a gift from the Lord. I'd like you to contact Sarah Wampler who will gladly email her testimonial of Dr.Redan and also email the four page presentation she gave at a physicians conference.

I'm so excited Karen Wiercinski will be reviewing my medical history within 7 days and if accepted, I anticipate being operated on by Dr.Redan in Mid-March.

Dr.Redan has dedicated his pratice to Advanced Laparoscopic minimally invasive procedures for more than 20 years. Sarah's email address is Sarah's testimonial will take the weight off your shoulders and give you the joy and confidence Dr.Redan will correct your problems. I hope my email brings excitement and joy to your weekend. I'm on top of the Moon!!

Please contact me if I can help in any way.


Richard A Venne Sr

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Sender: (Brenda) ubject: Painful intercourse I am a57 yr. old who had a hysterectomy at age 39.I have been xperiencing very painful intercourse.Because I have one ovary left my r. sent me for an ultrasound. She wanted to rule out any problem with he ovary. That was normal.She concluded it was adhesions. she xplained about removing them and the recurrance of them coming back. i nderstand this but what do I do. I don't want my sex life to end. It s very painful and I dread the thought of sex, does anyone have any uggestion? Has anything you have done helped you? hank you, renda


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