Re: Pain after surgery

Thu Jan 21 15:10:24 2010

Dear Christine,

I have been looking for a Doctor to severe my adhesions. Sarah Wampler recommended Dr. Jay Redan, Celebration, FL. His web site is and there is a self referral form on there that you can fill out and someone will get back to you. I sent my medical history to his assistant, Karen, at karenwiercinski@flhosp. org

I called Karen this afternoon and am waiting for Dr. Redan to review my medical history. Karen can be reached at 407-303-4602. .. Sarah's minimally invasive surgery was performed by Dr. Redan and she has been pain free for two years. Sarah's email address is

Sarah was kind enough to contact me and emailed a 4 page presentation she presented at a convention for physicians.

I've been bedridden for nine of the last twelve years and am very optimistic Dr. Redan will rid me of the pain caused by adhesions.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Richard Venne

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Sender: (Christine Petrie) ubject: Pain after surgery Hi Evryone, hope this years brings better health to all of you. Last year I had surgery for adhesions and my bowel has been working eally well since then. y problem now is the pain I am getting from my scar. It more severe at ight than the morning and more severe if I have been busy all day. Some ays I can hardly walk. It is really getting me down. Its like having n obstruction but my bowel is working well. have been back to the doctor and she has put me on Tramadol and oltaran. f this no better in a month I will have to go back to my surgeon. dont want another operation and I dont want to take painkilers forever ither. I am so sick of being sick. as anyone else had this kind of post operative pain ? how did you cope

would love some feedback . Thanks hristine


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