Just getting started

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My opinin is to get referred to a pain management specialist.  I have gone to two adhesions specialists and have them back full-force. I got a pain pump installed six months ago but still have issues we are working on.  My advice is not to keep having the adhesions removed as it won't last long.


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> Subject: Just getting started
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> Subject: Just getting started
> I'd like your feedback, 33 yr. old female.
> About 2 years ago I had an emergency gallbladder surgery, via
> laparoscopy. Shortly after that, I noticed that the left side of my
> pelvic area was bothering me. Not really painful, just bothersome. In
> the past 2 years I have had 2 colonoscopy (both clear with no problems)
> a partial hysterectomy, numerous CT and x-rays, and even an exploratory
> surgery where some scar tissue was cut away. After my 2nd colonoscopy
> yesterday, the gastroenterologist said everything looked fine. I just
> laid there and cried. I hurt pretty bad now and no one can figure it
> out. Maybe it's pelvic adhesions but from what I'm reading there is no
> go way to fix those, as more surgery equals more adhesions. Can someone
> please help. I hurt and just want it to stop.

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