Uninsured-Disrespected & Still in Pain

From: angela (alegna2017@aol.com)
Wed Dec 23 21:35:10 2009

Three weeks ago I was in extreme abdominal pain with tenderness to all areas of my stomach.My PCP referred me to the ER for evaluation where I was admitted & spent the week of Thanksgiving & Thanksgiving day in the hospital.I had a CT scan which revealed an ileus.I was admitted inpatient for 9 days which 4 days I was on clear fluids had to plead for another CT scan. My GI physician after being in the hospital 4 days came for a consult. His first order of business was the endless questioning of why I did not have health insurance and if I had applied for medicaid. He then told me that he could prescribe Amitiza but I would have to come to his office to receive it. I asked him why he could not prescribe it to me in the hospital but he made up some ridiculous answer and advised me to make an appointment to see him. I was upset and requested a 2nd opinion with another GI physician. The new GI basically told me the same thing and to make an appointment with him.That was my treatment!I was discharged with prescriptions for narcotics,stool softeners, and laxatives.I was told that the ileus will resolve when I passed stool(I hadn't passed stool for about 2weeks at that time).

Two weeks after being discharged I had the same symptoms of abdominal pain with tenderness that hurt to walk,sneeze or urinate.I had still not passed any stool even after taking colace,senokot,miralax & drinking gallons of water.

I contacted my PCP who advised that my problem was out of his realm of practice and that I should call my GIphysician. I called the GI's office & was told the next available appointment would be in 6weeks and that there were no available emergency appointments & that I should go to the ER.I made another call to my PCP for a referral to a GI & was told because it was a Friday no one would see me(1st day of Hanukah)so go to the ER.I looked in the phone book and found a GI but because I am uninsured they would accept me as a patient.So I went to the ER admitted for the severe abdominal pain & tenderness.I received an EGD? promised a colonoscopy within 2-3 days after EGD? well, long story short I never received a colonoscopy and after 2weeks inpatient nothing wlse was done. I was discharged today or should say thrown out of the hospital.An attending came to my room this afternoon whom I have never seen & discharged me without so much of an examination.I refused to be discharged without speaking with the GI physician because nothing had changed I still had the abdominal pain and now have not defacated as of 3weeks.Because I had questioned authority I was forced out,humiliated by security!!!!I am more than upset and still in pain.If I had health insurance would I have been treated with such disrespect?Are there any physicians out there who care about their patients & want to see them healthy?I have been sufferring for many years with this adhesional pain & the only medical treatment I have received are NARCOTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!They are not the answer,narcotics just mask the symptoms. I need help desperately.I am not getting any better & I am scared for what my future holds.......

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