Re: Adhesions or what? I need some support and guidance

From: Rob (
Tue Dec 8 20:40:29 2009

Hello Alex,

I am a 41 year old male. I had many surgeries on my gut and suffer from adhesions. However, more specific to your scenario, I recently had a hernia surgery around 7 years ago. Everything was fine, and one day out of the blue, I started to get a very sharp pain in that area as well as a shooting pain down my leg. I too went in to see if the hernia surgery maybe was a botch and I re-injured it (I am very athletic as well). But, all the test kept coming back with no injured hernia. The CULPRIT- Adhesions. You see, the adhesions, the doctors believe, had started to grow and they assume that it is pinching a nerve or maybe several. I am in pain constantly and do seek Pain Management. I have tried patches, TENS units, and many medications. Right now I am just taking Vicodin. However, the doctor wants to try the implant stimulator. I have mixed feelings about this since I am so young and my job has me traveling all the time. My only advice is to you is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible and if that means going to a pain doctor, you should. I will tell you that my pain is like a very good friend, it never leaves my side. Like most the folks in here, I suffer daily, hourly and every second of the day. Cheers and if you need to chat, shoot me an email.


At Sat, 5 Dec 2009, Alex wrote: > >Hi everybody, my name is Alex, I'm a 31yo male in excellent health and >shape, living in Florida. > >I had an inguinal hernia repair the "old fashioned" incision method at >age 14, then a double repair of an umbilical and a left-side inguinal >together, at age 26, done laparoscopically. I did not have any >complications from anything (other than losing control of my right >testicle from the first one...but I was too embarrassed to tell anyone >at the time). > >In any case, about 2 years ago I got a feeling in the lapascopically >repaired side that felt for all the world as if then hernia had >returned. I went to my GP in alarm and he prodded for a minute or two, >then said it was "just adhesions" and not to worry. Well, I took his >advice, and the pain went away in about 3 weeks. > >Fast forward to this past September, when I was undergoing extremely >strenuous situps for a couple of weeks, in preparation for a physical >fitness test for a job (I didn't get it). About a week after the test, >the "adhesion" pain came back in my left groin, and has now been >plaguing me for about 5 weeks. I went to my new GP and she said the >same thing: no hernia recurrence, just adhesions. (No one, >incidentally, has felt around my actual lower abs, where the pain is, >they just keep doing the finger-in-the-inguinal-canal tests.) It is >usually worse in the evening, and ranges from a bubbling feeling to >almost a groin strain type of pain. I poke and prod it a lot, coughing >and looking for hernias everywhere. Does anyone know if the small lumpy >feeling I can detect in my groin is probably just the scar tissue from >the hernia surgery??? Can you physically feel adhesions with your >finger, or are they always under the muscle layer? > >So, I have no idea if that's what this is. I tend toward hypochondria >(runs in the family) and I am frightened that it's actually a recurrent >hernia that no one but me is acknowledging. But if it is indeed >adhesions, I can't find much on what to do. A google search says it's >usually a terrible complication, and there is one site in Norway >claiming its pill series can help cure adhesions. > >I guess I just need some guidance, reassurance and advice. Thanks in >advance. >Alex

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