Re: I am such a mess

From: Millie (
Tue Dec 8 20:40:32 2009

At Thu, 3 Dec 2009, Amanda Hill wrote: >
>I have just had surgery to remove adhesions. I thought when i woke up i
>would feel great i did for about a week now horrible pain again. They
>are now saying i have nerve damage in my abdomin from the 9 stomach
>surgeries ive had. Any suggestions?

Dear Amanda, I haven't been on I.A.S. in years. Amanda, I can tell you that the more surgeries you have, the greater the chance of adhesions returning. There's no sure cure. I had a hysterectomy in 2001 and things haven't been right since then. In 2006, I had laparoscopic surgery In Pa., with Dr. Gerhart. He removed minimal adhesions, took down a rectal stricture,removed my appendix, and removed a Meckel's diverticulum from the small bowel. But now again, I'm not feeling well at all. Colonoscopy yesterday didn't show blockages. I am very concerned and very uncomfortable. Millie

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