Re: I am such a mess

From: Stacey (
Sat Dec 5 18:58:26 2009

At Thu, 3 Dec 2009, Amanda Hill wrote: >
>I have just had surgery to remove adhesions. I thought when i woke up i
>would feel great i did for about a week now horrible pain again. They
>are now saying i have nerve damage in my abdomin from the 9 stomach
>surgeries ive had. Any suggestions?

Hi Amanda

I also have nerve damage from all of the open surgeries I have had. This has caused my colon to stop working. What type of surgery did they just perform on you? Whas it open or by the scope? Did the surgeon use any type of barrier

on you when he performed this past surgery? Where do you live? I am asking

these questions because I know of a great doctor in my area that is world renowned on fixing adhesion related problems. Email me directly if you have any questions I know exactly what you are going through and you are not alone. {{BIG HUGS}} Stacey

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