adhesions from hysterectomy & anterior and posterior colporrhaphy

From: pel (
Sat Dec 5 18:58:49 2009

Has anyone had adhesions from a hysterectomy and A & P repair? I developed adhesions after surgery mainly near the fallopian tubes that were pulled down and stitched to the uterosacral ligaments and inside the vagina at the A & P repair sites. A different doctor went in and removed scar tissue from the posterior repair and took out the scar tissue at the hysterectomy site along with my fallopian tubes. After a year and a half of physical therapy the A & P repairs have come undone. Essentially every thing is falling down again. I have sites around my urethra that I can feel that are indented and I have much pain at those sites and in my clitoris. To me it seems logical that there is some type of adhesions or restriction inside that is causing this to happen. Has anyone else had a problem like this? My gynocologist keeps cancelling my appointmets so I haven't seen her since July. A pelvic pain specialist I've been seeing for 6 months keeps saying I have pudendal neuralgia. I probably do have some kind of nerve entrapment from scar tissue, but I feel I have adhesions that are causing pain too. Has anyone else had adhesions manifest themselves in the same way I'm describing?

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