Colon not working now, more adhesions - surgery scheduled with Dr.

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Sun Nov 29 21:38:54 2009

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Hi Stacey, I never did have that surgery, but I am wondering what you thought about Dr. Redan and the Celebration hospital. I am hopefully going to be going there for surgery as well. I live in Illinois, so do not know much about the hospital. Could you give me your opinion on it all??? Thanks so much. God Bless you. I will pray for your surgery and it's success!!


At Fri, 20 Nov 2009, Stacey wrote: >
>Hi all I haven't been on the board in a while. I have been really
>emotional the last couple of months and just a mess. It has been almost
>2 years now since my colon has actually worked and I think I would go
>forever without a BM if I did not give myself major ememas. My last
>surgery was 3 years ago with Dr. Redan for adhesions, which he did take
>out, but he warned me he thought the nerves and muscles in my abdomen
>had been cut on so many times and that I have taken so many laxatives
>over my lifetime that it had damaged my colon. Things went well for
>about a year after the surgery, but then my colon stopped working again.
>I have had 8 open abdmominal surgeries all together for female problems,
>hysterectomy, removal of ovaries and adhesions.
>I am now scheduled for a subtotal colectomy with Dr. Redan as well as
>removal of adhesions on 12/16/09. Dr. Redan states I have slow transit
>constipation and my colon just isn't working anymore. Has anyone else
>had this procedure done? If you have could you please write me and let
>me know how your procedure went and what I should expect? I am very
>nervous, but I know I must do something to make myself better because
>this is making me sick, I feel like I am being poisoned. Thanks

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