lokking into surgery with Dr. Redan,in Florida...looking for anyone

From: Jenny (kummer_jennifer1@hotmail.com)
Sun Nov 29 21:38:42 2009

Hi gang, So I have posted a few times over the past 3 or 4 years. I had surgery last year for hernia repair and lysis of adhesions. I was out of pain for over 8 months! What joy. Then all heck broke loose on Halloween of this year, pain is back. Since then I have been hospitalized twice. Once for 8 days then home about 1 week, then hospitalized for 11 days...I was release yesterday, on Thanksgiving. The doctors at the last hospital, did not believe that pain was caused by adhesions, and would NOT give me any pain meds to go home on...except the one pain patch that was placed on me yesterday due to expire tomorrow. I called my regular Dr. and he did give me a prescription for 5 fentanyl pain patches and some oral dilaudid. The patches only work for 3 days and and the dilaudid pills will not work by themselves. The pain, as I know you all are aware, is just horrific. The pain goes across my pelvis and lower abdomen - with pressure on the right side, almost as if there is a balloon ready to pop there and then all the pain radiates through my stomach towards my tailbone. If I sit up for too long it feels like my pelvis has cement that has hardened in it and I can't move. I am at a loss for who to see....So I am thinking about going to Florida to see Dr. Redan. I live in Illinois. What I am wondering is if any of you have gone to see him?? What did you think about him, the hospital, the staff? How did you do after surgery?? Was it in patient or out patient? Does the hospital accept insurances? I do have a call into the coordinator and an email, but I wanted to get the opinion of any one who has gone there... Thanks so much. I know I only have about 15 days of pain meds before I am in trouble, so I am going to have to act quickly!!! Love to all!!!! In horrible pain, but hopefull, Jenny kummer_jennifer1@hotmail.com

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