adhesions from anterior & posterior colporrhaphy (A & P repair

From: pel (
Sun Nov 29 21:35:51 2009

I had a hysterectomy and A & P repair done in Jan 2008. In March 2008 I had a second surgery to excise scar tissue on the bottom of my vagina and also lysis of adhesions from my falopian tubes and the round/uterosacral ligament. Now, almost 2 years later the repairs are coming undone and I have almost constant burning and pain when sitting, walking or bending. A pelvic floor pain specialist doesn't even want to address the idea of scar tissue. My gyno said she was okay with going in and trying to release some of the scar tissue but doesn't want to cut any more away because she's afraid of hitting the bowel. I'm concerned that she doesn't do the intricate robotic laparoscopic surgery, though she does go in laparascopically. Has any one else developed adhesions from this type of surgery and can anyone recommend a doctor who specialized in surgery on adhesions. I live on the east coast, but am willing to travel anywhere for help. Mayo Clinic has said that they can do nothing further for me, but I didn't realize that I had adhesions so badly till after they said they couldn't help me.

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