From: Denise (nisey25ca@yahoo.ca)
Sun Nov 29 21:35:37 2009

I had a C-Section just over 7 weeks ago. As time went by, and everyone said I should start to feel a little better each day, I felt no improvement whatsoever. My lower abdomen is extremely sore and tender to the touch, I get sharp pains in the right side of my pelvis certain ways I move. After 3 weeks post-partum, they admitted me into hospital to check it out. There was no remaining products left from the section and no sign of infection. I was in hospital for a week, given a course of antibiotics, then released. No answers, no improvement. Since then, another 3 weeks have passed and I am now in greater pain and constipated as well. I get stomach cramps when I eat and the nausea has increased. I asked both my GP and OB/GYN if it could be adhesions and they said no, it's too early for them to form. I was made to feel like I was just a wimp who couldn't recover from surgery and to suck it up. Can you get adhesions from just one C-Section? When do they form? I thought it was only a few days post-op and that most people get them, but they don't necessarily affect everyone. I'm so confused. Help.

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