Re: Another Sleepless Night-Because of Pain-Part 2

From: Sherry (
Sun Nov 29 21:31:04 2009

Hi, I know where how you feel and I may have an answer/cure. I had the top specialists in Boston (when I LIVED THERE AND HAD HEALTH INSURANCE) The surgeons tried everything! Yes, I get adhesions every where in my abdomen- intestines, liver, all organs. They started after my first pelvic abdominal surgery for endometriosis and got worse after each surgery resulting in more surgeries to remove them. I had a complete hysterectomy and appendix removed and should have had my bowels and bladder removed but begged the doctor not to. I had 11 surgeries in 11 years. It has been 10 years since my last surgery because I found what works for me and when I get better and stop this treatment they gradually come back. I take a lot of shark cartilage capsules each day plus fish oil(it helps the body uptake and use the shark) The dosage is one 740mg capsule per 15 lb of body weight and 2 fish oil capsules per day. You will know it is working when your pain dissipates. I would get so much pain I couldn't sleep or walk it felt like someone was slicing me up with knives inside and then the nausea, constipation and swollen hardened abdomen that is painful to have even clothes touching! Within a month you should feel a major difference in pain and symptom relief I can tell it is working in only a couple of days. STay on it for life! I went off it after 8 years recently and am now back to crazy adhesions so I started it up again and I can tell it is working. You can get the shark cartilage cheapest at either or arthritis pain has also gone away and my bone density has improved! now if only I could find an answer for my LUPUS and Fibromyalgia I could feel vibrant again) At Fri, 20 Nov 2009, Alta wrote: >
>Sorry to have to add a "Part 2" but I must have hit send.
>I am out of town, away from my doctor and almost out of pain meds. I
>have been trying to reach my doctors office to talk to the nurse what
>can be done. If she calls me back, she doesn't leave a message even
>though in my paperwork I stated she can. I am freaking out because of
>this. My doctor does not work on Friday, so I have to talk to her
>today. Since next week is Thanksgiving, I have to make sure I have
>enough for then. This is really stressful and causes anxiety.
>I thought things were going well since our move. I found a GP I liked
>and she referred me to a Gyno who is great. She also referred me to a
>pain management doc and physical therapist since I have been seeing them
>for over a year. The PT is not familiar with pelvic floor so I am going
>to look for another. For me physical therapy has worked. The pain
>management doctor it turns out will not treat me. Turns out he does
>injections, pumps and stimulators. I hae done the trial for the nerve
>stimulator and had not luck.
>Like all of us I am shocked and amazed at really the non existance of
>doctors that deal with adhesions in the US. No one really wants to
>touch us. We have something that is invading our bodies effecting the
>quality of our lifes. To me it's like having a cancer, arthritis or
>parasite inside of us. Why is it so hard?
>Like many I have been told no more surgeries. I understand that because
>I no longer get relief from them, I feel worse. (I am less than a year
>from my last one and have never felt worse.) But there has got to be a
>gameplan for us. Are we supposed to live incompasitated? My life has
>been improved by pain medicine. I hate to say it but is has. The
>thought of being without it scares me.
>I am going to try to sleep. I need to be alert today.
>We will get through this. Some how, some way we will. Thank you all
>for being here.

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