Re: Adhesions in liver and pancreas

From: Sherry (
Sun Nov 29 21:30:50 2009

Yes, I get adhesions every where in my abdomen- intestines, liver, etc. They started after my first pelvic abdominal surgery for endometriosis and got worse after each surgery resulting in more surgeries to remove them. I had a complete hysterectomy and appendix removed and should have had my bowels and bladder removed but begged the doctor not to. I had 11 surgeries in 11 years. It has been 10 years since my last surgery because I found what works for me and when I get better and stop this treatment they gradually come back. I take a lot of shark cartilage capsules each day plus fish oil(it helps the body uptake and use the shark) The dosage is one 740mg capsule per 15 lb of body weight and 2 fish oil capsules per day. You will know it is working when your pain dissipates. I would get so much pain I couldn't sleep or walk it felt like someone was slicing me up with knives inside and then the nausea, constipation and swollen hardened abdomen that is painful to have even clothes touching! Within a month you should feel a difference in pain and symptom relief. STay on it for life. I went off it after 8 years recently and am now back to crazy adhesions so I started it up again and I can ell it is working. You can get the shark cartilage cheapest at either or arthritis pain has also gone away and my bone density has improved!)

At Tue, 11 May 1999, Vinky Ortiz wrote: >
>At Tue, 11 May 1999, Christine M. Smith wrote:
>>At Mon, 10 May 1999, Vinky Ortiz wrote:
>>>Do any of you suffer from adhesions in the liver and pancreas? I suffer
>>>from them and I'm nauseous in the morning and pass a lot of gas through
>>>my mouth. When I defecate, I also vomit at the same time. It's a very
>>>painful experience. My stomach get harder and distended as I move my
>>>bowel. It stays like that for hours.
>>>I'm following a low residue diet from Mayo Clinic which has help me a
>>>lot. If you have my problem or info,send me an E-mail.
>>Do they know what would cause adhesions in the liver and pancreas? Other
>>than surgery you might have had in this area.
>>I'm going to ask about the low residue vs high fiber diet when I see the
>>colo-rectal surgeon next week. I remember now when I had my last lap I
>>had a 2 day bowel prep and by the end of the second day I didn't have
>>much pain. I wonder if this was because my bowel was completely empty.
>>CHris S.
>I have always suffer from constipation. After several colonoscopies,
endoscopies, MRIs, Cat scan, barium enema, it was determined that I suffer from mild gastritis, diverticulitis, GERD, and a hiatal hernia. I had problem digesting food and pills/capsules. I take liquid vitamins and protein, and I also follow a low residue diet. >I had a hysterectomy on July 1992, ovaries weren't removed, and 3
laparascopies after that because I always felt pain in my lower right side. I can feel a mass. My last lap showed that I have adhesions in my liver and pancreas. I feel a pull down of my intestines most of the time. In this board most of the adhesion sufferers speak about a pull up and I wonder whether anyone feels a pull down. It is an awful experience. I have to place to my right hand below my stomach to lift up my intestines when walking up and down the staircase and also when sitting down. Is my case unique or somebody share my problem? >

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