Another Sleepless Night-Because of Pain-Part 2

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Have they talked to you about the implant pain pump? Kelly

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> Subject: Another Sleepless Night-Because of Pain-Part 2
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> Subject: Another Sleepless Night-Because of Pain-Part 2
> Hi,
> Sorry to have to add a "Part 2" but I must have hit send.
> I am out of town, away from my doctor and almost out of pain meds. I
> have been trying to reach my doctors office to talk to the nurse what
> can be done. If she calls me back, she doesn't leave a message even
> though in my paperwork I stated she can. I am freaking out because of
> this. My doctor does not work on Friday, so I have to talk to her
> today. Since next week is Thanksgiving, I have to make sure I have
> enough for then. This is really stressful and causes anxiety.
> I thought things were going well since our move. I found a GP I liked
> and she referred me to a Gyno who is great. She also referred me to a
> pain management doc and physical therapist since I have been seeing them
> for over a year. The PT is not familiar with pelvic floor so I am going
> to look for another. For me physical therapy has worked. The pain
> management doctor it turns out will not treat me. Turns out he does
> injections, pumps and stimulators. I hae done the trial for the nerve
> stimulator and had not luck.
> Like all of us I am shocked and amazed at really the non existance of
> doctors that deal with adhesions in the US. No one really wants to
> touch us. We have something that is invading our bodies effecting the
> quality of our lifes. To me it's like having a cancer, arthritis or
> parasite inside of us. Why is it so hard?
> Like many I have been told no more surgeries. I understand that because
> I no longer get relief from them, I feel worse. (I am less than a year
> from my last one and have never felt worse.) But there has got to be a
> gameplan for us. Are we supposed to live incompasitated? My life has
> been improved by pain medicine. I hate to say it but is has. The
> thought of being without it scares me.
> I am going to try to sleep. I need to be alert today.
> We will get through this. Some how, some way we will. Thank you all
> for being here.
> Alta

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