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Thu Nov 19 13:23:05 2009

I don't mean to interefere with this post but I think we need to be sympathetic to others. Adhesions grow tighter over time and can start to cause a lot of pain. Mine do this often.

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You say your adhesions returned after 8-9 years. My question is "how" after

this long could they return. Once scar tissue is lysed, one would tend to believe adhesions wouldn't return after a certain period of time.

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> Where did you have your surgery?
> That is horrible that your pain is back, as when it is gone there is so
> much hope we have been set free, and when it comes back, its like I
> can't believe this is happening again.
> Did they use a barrier?
> I had a surgery with Dr. K just less than three weeks ago. My surgery
> in Australia was very successful for about 8-9 years i was pain free!
> But as I wrote Dr. K found endometriosis that my surgery on Aug 19,
> 2009 did not find nor the surgery in Australia in 1999.
> I am starting to believe CO2 is really bad, as in Australia they did not
> use this on me and in Germany they did not use this and when I had
> surgery in 1999 in Australia they did not have a barrier yet it lasted
> almost a decade.
> I totally feel your frustration and am so sorry to hear your pain is
> back, as when I had surgery in Australia, and felt so great I never
> thought I would ever deal with it again as it was gone, and I literally
> had no idea as to the pain and suffering so many go through as a result
> of adhesions even after surgery. I was very uneducated about the whole
> thing and never knew until the last year what a freakin evil ordeal this
> all is for so many. My eyes have been open like never before as to the
> pain and suffering so many endure and how so many have literally lived
> out of a hospital for a greater part of their lives.
> At Wed, 11 Nov 2009, Olivia wrote:
>>I had sugery to remove adhesions in July of 2009. It is now November
>>and the chronic pain that required me to have surgery is back.
>>Has anyone else had surgery to treat adhesions only to suffer from the
>>same horrible pain a few months after the surgery?

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