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Thu Nov 19 12:47:56 2009

Olivia, I had countless surgeries only for the adhesions to come back with in the matter of no time. I am in extreme pain and dont know where to turn to. I am looking for a good doctor who can laser my adhesions all the way down to the root of them. The doctors that done surgeries on me seem to only cut and release the adhesions not permitmently remove them. If you or anyone that you know of a doctor that can help me, please let me know. Joan

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I had surgery April 2009, Now the pain is all below my belly botton. Effecting the nerves in my legs. Dr. Clark Gerhart wants me to wait as long

as I can before we go bak in. Best of luck to you.


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> yes - it is something this, so far with me, never goes away. i have had
> surgery for adhesions more than i can count and am still haveing to take
> pain medication. i am though, going to a adhesion specialist on the 24th
i > am hoping for some answers if i hear of anything will let you know. Hang
> in
> there.
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> Subject: Adhesion Surgery
> I had sugery to remove adhesions in July of 2009. It is now November
> and the chronic pain that required me to have surgery is back.
> Has anyone else had surgery to treat adhesions only to suffer from the
> same horrible pain a few months after the surgery?
> --
> Olivia

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