Endometriosis and extreme pain after surgery in Germany

From: Genyfer Spark (genyferspark@gmail.com)
Sat Nov 14 15:03:14 2009

I returned back from Germany and felt great as stated in my last email up until I got my first period and the symptoms are horrible, the nausea is killing me. I have had a period now for almost 2 weeks straight. My adhesions are gone at the second look and I don't have the adhesion pain but now endometriosis pain. I originally had surgery in the usa on August 19, 2009 and felt more sick than ever. They said, they removed the adhesions. I then went to Dr. K and he found a mass of endometriosis as well as the adhesions, the endo was so bad it takes 8 years to get that way. It was parrell to my adhesions my appendix area. He cut and disected out the endo, the pictures are so awful to look at, almost like large open sores that are deep in the flesh. Mine were 5mm, the uterus is 8 cm by 5cm pretty small, so those are large sores. I feel sick as hell and this is normal as my uterus is developing a new wall according to Dr. K and a site I read where it says symptoms can be the same or even worse for at least 7-8 weeks after disecting endometriosis. I believe what was causing so much sickness was actually the endometriosis, but then why when I was 24 when I had surgery in australia my pain was completely erradicated for almost 9 years or so. I believe perhaps the adhesions or scare tissue irritated the endo, and the endo got worse over the years. My hormones are going crazy. I went from feeling like I wanted to jump off a building, to feeling extremely sexy, to feeling anxious. And my period is producing large clots. I am waiting for that day, when all the symptoms disappear as it has for others after having endo surgery. I am wondering if and what the symptoms for others were during the first month or so after endo surgery, during the first month of healing? The most crazy thing is my surgery on Aug 19 in the USA can you believe a gynaecologist was in on, and did not see my endometriosis which Dr. K saw right away! That's why when you feel so sick you have to keep searching just as Karen did for her daughter Melissa. God Bless all of you for a pain free night and much peace.

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