adhesion in children

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Wow, I've not heard of adhesions much in young children, but considering what she went through I'm not surprised. I'm a little concerned that they couldn't take care of the adhesions laproscopically.  Sepra film may or may not help. Do you guys have the means to get her to a surgeon that deals with adhesions, or you could at least contact someone ie my Doctor in Pa who specifically deals with adhesions to give you some advice. I think a Doctor that deal with them on a regular basis might know of someone there that could do it. Don't be afraid to contact him and least ask! His name is Clarkgerhart.( I'm not sure he deals with kids, but I do know that he has kids of his own and would most likely give you at least some advice. Unfortunately her having surgeries over and over again is not good... She really needs to be with some one who uses the latest barriers etc, so she has a good chance at getting though this with out having to go through it again. I will pray for her. and let me know how she does. Marlene  email me any time.

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> Subject: adhesion in children
> Hello, my 8 year old daughter (not started her period) had a laparocopic
> appendectomy (determined-chronic appendicitis) on August 28, 2009 and
> walked bent (with pain) over until they did a CT scan 3 weeks later and
> discovered what they thought was an abcess (E. coli). She then was
> scheduled for surgery to drain the fluid pocket. Once they started
> laparscopically surgery, when they got in they realized she was full of
> adhesions. They to switch to a laparotomy. All of her pelvic orgrans
> were frozen with the adhesion. They said they have never seen anything
> like it in a peds patient. The surgeon used seprafilm during this
> surgery to try and prevent more adhesions. We are now a little over two
> weeks out and she hasn't really improved. She has had another CT Scan
> and it does not show any fluid pockets, but it does reveal more
> inflammation than before. She still can't walk without holding on to us
> and cannot sit up or stand up straight. Has anyone had experience with
> peds adhesions? Or does anyone have any recommendations of doctors in
> Missouri for adhesions? Thank you, any assistance would be greatly
> appreciated.

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