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Thank you Linda for a response to my e-mail.  I saw my Dr. yesterday and had a long talk with him about the phenol injection.  I have rescheduled the injection for Oct. 21.  After speaking with him I understand that my pain center uses phenol often on patients.  The phenol, once injected  in the neuroma will kill the nerve that is causing the pain.  That is my understanding.  I have a friend who is a nurse anethest in a local hospital that I hope will give me more info on this type of treatment.  Location of my scar neuromas are in several places on my stomach- above the belly-button to the right flank area. The right flank area is the worst spot with the pain going around to my side and back. The neuromas are the result of all my abdominal surgeries, just like many others on this website.  I will keep you and others updated if this procedure has positive results. I also have received many trigger point injections and they help with the inflammation more than anything. Blessings, Ginger

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> I've never heard of phenol injections in a scar neuroma area. My doctor,
> also an anesthiologist, wouldn't give me a shot in my stomach. He said he
> may possibly puncture a vital organ, including the bowel. However, your
> scar neuroma area may not be in a area where vital organs are located.
I'll >
> be interested in hearing where your scar tissue is located and if the
phenol >
> injections work. Good luck.
> Linda

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