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To  (Diane)  the person interested in a colostomy take down!

Sorry you didn't sign your name, I only have an email address, so I hope I don't offend you by not addressing you by name. Yes, now I saw your name after your email address, Diane, sorry I didn't see it at first. Anyhow, I was wondering what state you live in? I just had a colostomy done August 18, and it will be reversed in one year. I have a great colo-rectal surgeon and Gastronentrologist. So I was just wondering what state you were in, if I could be of any help. Please feel free to email me at I have been a member of the quilt for about 8 or so years. My story is on the quilt, although I have not updated in quite some time. It's Karen Carter.   Please feel free to write if you wish Diane.  


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Hi Alta, I have to tell you that I was told that I had ovarian tissue grow back with a cyst on it on my right side. When I saw Dr. K. in Germany for my

surgeries, I told him what I had been told about the cyst on o varian tissue. He said NO that does NOT happen. After my surgery I was told that it was an adhesion water blister, and he removed it. I also deal with pain shooting down the front of my thighs, pains in my vaginal area that really SMART! I am so happy for you that things are better with your Husband. We always joke

about for better or worse, or worse! It is so hard for our Husbands to see how much pain we are in and they can't help us at all. My Husband gets so frustrated. He invented a "Security Crypt Lock" for Mausoleum Crypts. He has

been working really hard, and now building a website, trademark etc. He even

donated a Crypt Lock to secure Michael Jackson's Mausoleum Crypt, and sent it to Forest Lawn Cemetery with a note for the Cemetery Manager, and the Jackson Family. Of course NO response. Not even that it had been received. It is hard being the little people trying to reach goals and get ahead. That's ok, we can deduct the costs on our taxes. I just feel bad for him. He

was hoping that it would be used, get some recognition, and the product would take off. Sorry if this offends you. One time we even went to Las Vegas to work a Cemetery Convention. Let's say it was interesting. Sorry I got off track. I just basically wanted to show the desperation that Herb has

to get me well! I know that other Husbands feel the same way. They just want

their wives back. Between pain meds, pain, and falling asleep sitting up, he

doesn't get a lot of attention that he deserves. He is pretty wonderful too!

Thanks for letting me just go off in a totally different direction. You are right about keeping your sense of humor. Take Care. Thanks for the great info that you share. Cheryl D.

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A tens unit helps pain; a whirlpool bath helps, heat and/or cold helps and a

swimming pool.  Be careful not to put heating pads over medication or can kill you.  I became immune to Morphine after awhile so you may have to switch to percocet, ultram or another pain med.  My pain specialists have switched me to so many different meds over the years but whatever helps control the pain, use it.  A quality life is what we all want

and need.  Take care and God Bless.

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> Sender: (Alta) > Subject: Thank You and More > > Hi, > I want to thank all of you for your support, advice and humor in > response to my recent post.  Hubby and I have talked things out and > things are better.  He has a hard time talking to me about all of this. > He has watched me turn from the active person I once was to one that is > not very active.  He has also sat with me in the emergency room while I > am in pain, not being believed by doctors until they see my records. > Anyway, thank you. > I am enjoying reading some of the recent posts.  I have been having the > pain in my thighs, mainly the front.  My pain doc thinks it is related > to the adhesion related.  I am glad to know I am not the only one.  Now > I read about vaginal pressure.  I don't have that exactly but I do have > what I term pelvic congestion.  I don't have any female parts left since > they have all been removed but I feel congested where my uterus should > be.  No, it's not constipation.  (I take Miralax for t hat.) I also have > constant pain on mainly my left side.  I also still get cysts and have > had my ovary regenerate. > Reading about the abdominal swelling was also a huge one.  I have had > this for two years.  Doctors told me that I was just getting fat or it > was in my head.  For me this feels like when I hyper stimulated while > going through IVF.  I want to get my hormone levels checked because I > wonder if they are related. > Right now I am taking 15mg of morphine 3 times a day and 10/325 of > hydrocodone for breakthrough (only allowed 4 a day).  Some days this is > fine but most it isn't.  I just started working with this doctor a few > months ago so we are getting into the groove of things.  Bad thing is we > moved 500 mile away so I have to find a new team of doctors at our new > location because I cannot drive down to see him too much longer. > Thank you all for keeping me sane during these insane times.  You don't > know how much it means to me to know you are all a type and click away. > Stay strong, keep a sense of humor and don't let this overtake you. > Alta >


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From: [] On Behalf Of Jeanette Cham berlain Sent: Monday, September 14, 2009 12:09 PM To: Subject: Re: Pelvic Pain-Please Help!

First of all, I am so grateful for this forum and the opportunity it gives us to vent, get advice, learn from others, commiserate and support each other. Through the years, (yes many years unfortunately) I have been able to access this board to keep my sanity and seek a better life while suffering from this life sucking disease. Thank you for being here for all of us.   I had actually come to a point in my life when I was keeping things fairly normal and balanced. I got myself off the Morphine and I am now using doctor

prescribed methadone to control my pain...along with gapabentin (long term pain), hydrocodone for break out pain, a muscle relaxant for the muscle spasms, a reflux prescription, miralax, a stool softener and metamucil for constipation...quite a daily cocktail, but it was working. I can now keep my

house clean (well cleaner), go for walks. I have lost 30 pounds thanks to the nausea I get after eating. (mixed blessing) and I finally started receiving SSDI in May of this year after a two year battle to be approved for it and 25% of my back SSDI to lawyers.   Now for the "Please, I need help" part! I have recently been experiencing pain in my center pelvic/groin area. It feels almost like a pinched nerve like constant pain but it isn't constant. It always hurts when I move around, but urination does not cause additional pain.  Sometimes the pain will extend down into my thighs...usually my right thigh. The muscle relaxant does not relieve any of the pain. The hydrocodone takes the edge off of it. I can't recall having done anything that would cause a muscle pull or something like that. I have been diagnosed with a prolapsed bladder.

The new pain area is not close to the two known adhesion areas . I don't get

it, just when my life was improving a little, this happens! I try to think positive but it is so hard when you hurt, as you all well know.   If anyone has any idea of what this might be, I would really appreciate your

input on it. I am going to the doctor on Friday but I suspect that he will be as stymied as I am about what this new pain is.   Thank you for taking the time to read this rather long email and for any help, ideas, advice you could give me!   Jeanette

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