Re: Triggers.

From: linda (
Thu Sep 17 21:04:40 2009

You should try trigger shots to find out if they help. Some people get long

term relief, some short term and others get none.

My adhesions are throughout my intestines/abdominal wall. I've never had success with trigger shots; however, I've talked to people with back problems who say they got a lot of relief. The shots really hurt if the doctor doesn't numb the area good. The key is the doctor needs to inject the right nerve ending(s) that lead to the pain. I believe finding the right nerve endings is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I've even had an experimental surgery where the doctor was suppose to sever the nerves leading to the pain. Needless to say, it didn't work. The doctor didn't even follow up once he knew it wasn't a success. I've been a guinea pig. I'm desperate to find an answer to stop this excrutiating nerve

pain. If only the law would allow us to receive Marinol, a pain medication reserved for only those who are dying. I feel like I'm slowly dying from pain. It is certainly shortening my life.

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> I am leaving on Thrusday to go to Utah to talk to my doctor there about
> the doctor's back east, and also to get a trigger injection.
> I've still been really down and sad lately, because my pain is back and
> so terrible.....but each moment is different.
> I just want a normal life, like you all want to have as well.
> Any one really think trigger's work on them?
> Thanks
> Kristie

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