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I have received about 5 trigger point injections and usually I can feel relief for about 2 weeks. I am scheduled for a trigger point injection on Monday.  I feel that the injection also helps with the inflammation that is around the adhesion as well as pain.  The injection itself is very painful, but worth it. I will share that I recently had a radiofrequency procedure, I was so disappointed that it did'nt work.  My next step is to enquired about the TENS treatment.  Then surgery if my Dr. will agree to it. Gods Blessings Ginger   > Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 23:16:06 -0500
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> Subject: Triggers.
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> Subject: Triggers.
> I am leaving on Thrusday to go to Utah to talk to my doctor there about
> the doctor's back east, and also to get a trigger injection.
> I've still been really down and sad lately, because my pain is back and
> so terrible.....but each moment is different.
> I just want a normal life, like you all want to have as well.
> Any one really think trigger's work on them?
> Thanks
> Kristie

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