SprayGel and SprayShield used in Europe

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Hi Melissa, Good luck with your surgery. I would love anything to be done to me right now. My pain is the worst it has ever been. Yesterday I was down all day and night. The sharp stabbing pains, the pains like full rolling contractions, sobbing uncontrollably, writhing in pain all over my bed. A friend of my son's stopped by to say hi. I heard Hello. I yelled go ahead and open my bedroom door. Told him I was really in bad shape, that I don't like anyone to see me go through a full blown episode. He said I understand, see you later. He couldn't close my door fast enough! I tried holding in my sobs until he left, never heard him leave. I am very sure he heard me. It is the most awful experience in the whole wide world. I took my 2 percocet, 2 .hrs later 1 more. I was clenching my teeth, so I took 1/2 a valium to help me relax. I was so ready to go to the ER and beg to be helped. Just take away my pain. I ended up also getting sick, I was too ill to eat, and I told my Husband that I wanted a milkshake. Didn't think to take my Reglan for digestion. Within minutes sick with watery stools, and still going on this A.M. I got up at 3:00 A.M. made an expresso, not the best thing, just wanted warmth on my stomach. The back cramping and pain is already too much again today. There just has to be someone, anyone that can help all of us, and not expect our last dime to do it. Sorry I got off track. I know a few months ago some gals wrote to Oprah, I did too. Wondering if anyone ever heard from her staff. GTG. not feeling too well. Keep us posted on your progress, and may God guide Dr. Redan's hands to remove your adhesions, and that they will never be able to come back, and that your life as you knew it will come back. Take Care! Cheryl

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> Hi Cheryl,
> I am so sorry to hear you are like me.  I also had my gallbladder removed
> and the pain in the shoulder is awful.  That is where my adhesions started
> from. Then a hysterectomy!  I also fall alot.  I believe it is just a
woman > thing, always a lot on my mind and always rushing around.    I am having
> surgery in orlando, FL.  Dr. Redan.
> I will keep you posted after to let you know It went. 
> Thanks,
> Melissa

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