need Surgeon in Charlotte,NC

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Ginger,     I am in Columbia,SC and there is a WONDERFUL Dr here in Columbia who I have been seeing for the past 18 months or so. He is VERY compassionate and understanding. Depending on what part of Charlotte you are in it would probably take you less than 2 hours to get to his office. My Husband is from Charlotte and I have family in Gastonia so we make the trip alot. Let me know you are interested and I will email you his contact info.

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I have been suffering with pain from adhesions and nerve damage.  I am going to several different Drs. at this time.  All have a little different take on my PAIN. I am a week out from having a radio frequency procedure and have come away from that with great disapointment- no relief.  My  Surgeon is very concerned  about going in again to remove the adhesions because of the fast regrowth. At this point I feel desperate for any help to make me feel normal again.  If anyone has a Dr/Surgeon in the Charlotte, NC area please contact me. I hate to jump from Dr. to Dr. but if one is not finding the help they need what else do you do. Also, I have had to go part time on my Job due to the pain level.  Has anyone been able to receive disability due to this type of problem.  Some days I simply cry because of the horrible pain that is taking over my life.  I hate to feel as if I can't work outside of my home but, it is getting very hard. If disability what steps would one take? Thank you, Ginger C.

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