To Christina info about Dr. Semertsides

From: Cheryl (
Tue Sep 8 18:55:54 2009

Hi Christina, I just came across your message to me. You are so sweet to give me your info, and share your story. I have emailed Dr. Semertsides, he is very interested in my case. Since I have heard back from him about 2-3 months ago, I haven't written back. I am a BIG CHICKEN just to be honest. Like my Gastro says, I have had so many surgeries that they have just stirred it up inside of me too many times. I will have ins. Dec. 1st YIPEE!! I know eventually I do need to do something. It is just that so much was paid out to go to Germany, and don't get me wrong, nothing against Dr. Kruschinski. I mean I am sure it is cheaper here in the U.S. I just don't have it in me right now. I do know that eventually I will have to do something. Not really into injections. Been there done that. They hurt, cause more pain, and scare me too. That was whan I had the intercostal nerve block. I had injections 5 different times. The last time, it hurt really bad, and I kept saying ouch you are hurting me, and I was just ignored. I have started counseling to help deal with adhesions, chronic pain, PTSD and of course being afraid of everything. I know I will come around. Thanks so much for your caring and good thoughts, and support. That is what this website is about, helping each other out. Praying for a CURE, and pain free days for us all. Someone somewhere will shock us like a celebrity, and help us get the word out. Then we can possibly start a fund for all of ARD sufferer's. Bless you all, Cheryl D.

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