Re: Gallbladder surgery adhesions

From: Kris (
Sat Sep 5 15:22:51 2009

> Hi! I had adhesions surgery in March of this year. I had to have another
surgery in May as they discovered that my remaining right ovary was bad during the March surgery, but they wouldn't take it out because they didn't have written consent. I had another surgery in May to have it removed as well as my gall bladder since I continued to have pain. The adhesions were discovered to be back in May during that surgery. They removed them again. Both times, they wre wrapped around my intestines and were also wrapped around my gall bladder. Since my gall bladder was removed, my pain has increased significantly. I also have a condition called pancreas divisum, which is a congenital birth defect in that I have 2 pancreatic ducts instead of one. I've been told by my pancreatic specialist that pain after gall bladder surgery can be pancreatic or pancreatic and/or common bile duct related. I had a procedure done in July called an ERCP. My common bile duct was found to have significantly elevated pressures, so it was cut. Unfortunately, it hasn't helped. My doctor has told me that an ovarian cyst that I had which ruptured 5 years ago is the cause of the adhesions and is also related to the duct issues that I have. Maybe you could ask your dr. about this issue. It's called Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction or also known as SOD. Like adhesions, it's not very common and alot of doctors don't understand it or adhesions. It took me 2 years to get to the doctor I'm with now who does get it. For all of us, this is an incredibly tough journey. If you think it's appropirate, it may be worth asking your doctor about.


>Is anyone still writing about this gallbladder adhesions,I had mine out in >1993, >Is anyone still writing on gallbladder surgeries,and the problems they have >afterwards?Please writ me back!!!!! Diane >

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