Re: I Never Thought This Would Happen

From: Kris (
Sat Sep 5 15:23:07 2009

At Tue, 1 Sep 2009, Alta wrote: > I am so sorry that you have this to cope with on top of the physical pain
and the toll it takes on us! Sorry to be sarcastic, but I bet he's one of those guys who is miserable with just a cold. Sometimes I wish I could make everyone in my life live just one day inside of this prison so they'd understand just a little bit more. Please feel free to vent any time. Do you live somewhere that you could get assistance with health insurance if he did leave? Maybe the court would even force him to continue to maintain your premiums? Just trying to think of options! I hope you're having a pain tolerant day. >Hi All,
>Today is a very low day for me. The toll of adhesions and what it has
>done to my life has taken a toll on my husband and marriage. Once again
>he belittled me because I am sick. He yelled at me for seeing the
>doctor, taking medication and moving very slowly. He tells me I am a
>bad mother because I don't move around as much as a normal person. He
>is threatening to take my daughter away from me. He is also mad because
>I cannot function as a normal woman. He tells me I am better off
>leaving him and our daughter so I don't bring him down anymore.
>You may ask why I stay with him? I haven't worked in over 8 years and I
>have no money. He also has the medical insurance and will cut me off. I
>don't know what to do anymore.
>I do not abuse my meds. I take them as written. Most of the time I do
>more than I should. I try to make my husband happy.
>I'm sorry to be such a downer. I just don't know who else to vent this
>All my best to everyone.

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