bio-feedback and such

From: Donna B (
Tue Sep 1 20:26:53 2009

Yes, I have used bio-feedback with good results. I also use: meditation, relaxation/guided visualization audio, self hypnosis, hypnosis, crying, cursing, stomping around the house, whining and taking meds. I have a full bag of tricks that I go through each and every time the pain gets to be too much to bear, and daily rituals that just keep me on an even keel. I love audio - Kelly Howell's voice soothes me and the binural beats technology used in brain sync audio is the finest I have found, so far. I download MPs to itunes and upload to my ipod. I am fascinated by the brain/bio connection. I highly recommend Brain Sync, but there are plenty of sites that offer hypnosis cds and MP3 for relaxation and pain management. My latest weapon against pain is playing Bejeweled 2 on my iPod touch while listening to my favorite playlist. Music and mindless games are keeping me sane these days. Try it all! If there was ANY one thing that worked we would all be using it - I think that we all need our own bag of tricks, and just reach into it and try one things and then another. At the very least, you will pass some time and give yourself something to think about other than pain.

Donna B.

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